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Lets chat a little more about why The Anxious Poet Podcast was created, what you can expect and why you should tune in! Spoken word poetry ~ The Heaviest Forest Listen in iTunes  | Listen in Soundcloud (poem only)… Read More

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Welcome to THE ANXIOUS POET Podcast! A place for you to honour your creativity and dive deep through passionate prose. Let us embrace our vulnerabilities and explore our rich emotive depths.. Ready to turn your soul whispers into wild awakened roars? Welcome beautifully courageous soul, Welcome to The Anxious Poet. Listen in iTunes  |  Listen… Read More


The Beautiful Burden     Where can I pry my fingers through the impossible tapestry of self Existence is truly agony mixed with luminance meshed with motion I can turn desperate pleasure between my fingers And the burden of being entwines to my spine And the blanket of humanity is always with me   The… Read More


    2015 Its been a freaking incredible year. And as I sit down to reflect on and release all that was, I am reminded just how much can change in 12 months. And my message to you is this: Don't ever doubt. It is never too late to become the person you want to… Read More


  In The Name Of Truthful Expression   I feel like I’m drowning in shallow depths, perfectionism taints creativity with heavy strokes.   I want you to drop deep, deep down, into the richness of your intuitive gut, and speak to me from that place..   For it is the cuts and cracks and moments… Read More